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My personal email has been down for several hours. If you need to reach me this weekend, please use the email, which is completely separate and is working fine. Thank you!

I’m considering moving from my hotmail account to a gmail account for personal use. People seem to like gmail, from what I’ve heard. Comments/advice about gmail are welcome! 🙂

A new wireless internet service is now available in my area, and they are coming out this Wed to try to hook me up. We have no dsl or cable here. I’ve been using an ATT 3G mifi device, which works great except for the 5 Gig monthly limit (I have to really conserve to stay under the limit). The new service is unlimited access so I sure hope it works. They also offer an email on their server, so that’s one more alternative to hotmail/gmail that I can consider. My hotmail rarely goes down, but it’s been running slowly lately and it may be time for a change, as much as I hate having to change email addys.

UPDATE: My personal hotmail is back up, but it may be safest for a while to use my SSS email instead if you need to reach me.

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  1. Definitely leave Hotmail, I had a lot of problems with it, it just isn’t secure enough. I have had a gmail address for a while now and it seems fine.
    Good luck!

    1. hi Maggie! I just got a gmail address yesterday, and it is amazing how it can transfer all your old messages and contacts. Will see how I like it. Glad you’ve had good luck with it!

      Can’t wait until Wed when I see if I can get this new wireless internet service!

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