Drawing Winners

I made a list of the drawing entrants (leaving out the people I was already sending to as thanks for contributing advice on the blog a few days ago). Here’s the list
1. Sheryl
2. Monica
3. Ines
4. Ann C
5. Julie
6. Amy H
7. Sharon
8. Bonita Zisla
9. Nikki Sherritt
10. Narguile
11. Ceil
12. Debra de Waltoff
13. Elizabeth
14. Carrie
15. Susan B.
16. Lee
17. Holly
19. Ghassan (facebook request to join drawing)
20. Mary
21. divinemama
22. Cheryl

Then I picked 6 random numbers using random.org and the 6 numbers that came up were 4, 18, 13, 9, 1, and 16 (actually 4 came up twice so AnnC must have had extra lucky vibes going for her tonight). That means the winners are AnnC, Sue, Elizabeth, Nikki, Sheryl, and Lee. Please send me your addresses and your two other sample choices besides the new incense. You can email me at


Thanks! I’ll get your packages right out.

I think I should go with Incense Pure. It seems to have an overall favorable response and won’t be a potential cause of confusion the way Incense Tranquil might be (or even Tranquil Incense). Thank you so much for the input and help with the decision! Names are hard!

I took a photo of the first bottle and posted it on the site. I should have samples available for purchase by Saturday and bottles a day after that.

I am back to work on Bouquet Blanc (I realized the correct spelling is blanc, not blanche, because bouquet is a masculine noun in French). I’m really close to a tester now and am obsessively working on it, lol.

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  1. Hi Matthew! Glad you’ll have fun trying out some samples! Your package shipped out on Friday so you should get it soon. Thanks again for contributing on the blog, and happy sniffing! 🙂

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