Drawing for Cocoa Sandalwood sample plus tea samples

I just saw a drawing posted today on the blog coolcookstyle for samples of teas and SSS Cocoa Sandalwood courtesy of baconbiscuit and Brie. You might go enter, and if you are a cook, you might enjoy poking around the coolcookstyle blog for inspiring ideas.

I’m hoping to put samples back up on the site Friday/Sat and bottles after that.

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  1. Daisy’s blog is fantastic, isn’t it? It has surely inspired me to be more creative in the kitchen 🙂 !!
    Hooray to your opening the “store” again! I am desperately wanting a full bottle of Spicy Citrus Vetiver 🙂 !!!
    Hope you are feeling better!

    1. Thanks again, you two! I’m probably starting by putting samples up before bottles to ease back in.I may wait a little longer on the bottles. The vetiver won’t go up for a little longer.

      I think there’s a lot of cross-over between people who enjoy cooking and scent (and tea)!

      1. It’s genuinely our pleasure! The post has been quite a hit and I look forward to seeing how this new direction evolves in the future. Food, wine, scent all seem inter-related. I am coming from the wine world, so I see a lot of cross-over in vocabulary too.

        Thank you for making such inspiring perfumes, Laurie! My SOTD is Cocoa Sandalwood. I smell delicious 🙂

      2. Laurie- it is always an honor and pleasure to write about one of your creations. And Daisy was so patient and helpful with me as my techno skills are nonexistent-LOL!!! Nonetheless, it was such a fun and worthwhile experience!
        And I am excited to see what direction “coolcookstyle” takes in the future- I like the idea of wine reviews as I know so little about that. And definitely more perfume reviews please 🙂 !!!

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