Drawing For $80 Gift Certificate

I donated an $80 gift certificate to Cafleurebon’s breast cancer awareness month blogathon, so you might want to enter if you have a wishlist of items from the SSS site. The gift certificate would get you any 34 ml bottle, or a couple 17 ml bottles, or a gift set of samples plus something extra, or any $80 combination you want to put together.

My family has not been touched by breast cancer, but both my parents have had surgeries for other cancers and we lost my grandfather to cancer at too young an age. To enter the drawing you need to make a $5 donation to the breast cancer foundation that Cafleurebon chose for their blogathon, the Libby Ross Foundation. You can find more information on their site if you are interested.

Updated to add: This is the first time I’ve donated more than samples or purse sprays for a blog drawing. I can’t do that very often, but since this was for a cancer charity I thought I’d go ahead. I wanted to do a gift certificate so the winner could pick the scent(s) and bottle size(s), and I’m hoping someone will enjoy choosing. 🙂

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  1. Laurie-I am not the least surprised that you gave so whole heartedly to such a worthy cause. Your generous soul shines through in your fragrances! And just so you know-I was the reader who was referenced as foregoing a coveted bottle of Jour Ensoleille in order to donate but if I should be so fortunate as to win the draw all’s well that ends well!

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