Drawing for 3 Sample Sets!


Let’s have a drawing for some sample sets now that Spiced Citrus Vetiver is out. I will have random.org draw 3 people to each win 4 carded samples. The winners will receive samples of Spiced Citrus Vetiver, Cocoa Sandalwood, and two samples of their choice. If you prefer, you can request a 3 ml mini spray of Spiced Citrus Vetiver plus a 1 ml sample of Cocoa Sandalwood instead of the 4 carded samples.

Just leave a comment below to enter. Maybe tell us what’s blooming in your garden or neighborhood this spring, or tell us what notes you’d request in a new spring/summer scent. I’ll leave the drawing open for a few days. Thanks, and good luck!

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  1. We`ve camillias, dogwood, & knock-out roses πŸ™‚ and after 4 inches of liquid sunshine, less pollen – PTL!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  2. Hi there, I’m always in the lookout for that dirty/clean combo. One scent that captures that perfectly for me is L’Artisan’s Timbuktu. Spiced Citrus Vetiver sounds like it might be in that category too.

  3. as I wear Hove vetiver today, will love to smell yours … and seeing mini-marshmallows in the cupboard reminds me of cocoa – too hot for cocoa today, except on the skin! Blooming: a tuberosey yellow blossom tree; rosemary; rose geranium; talk with my sister of all the NE bulb blooms coming and going – grape hyacinth, hyacinth, narcissus, daffodils, lilac. Woo hoo! Thank you for this opportunity.

  4. How nice of you to do a giveaway, thanks! Everything is finally blooming here and I just cut an armful of lilacs this afternoon to scent my house. As to perfume, I would like to smell a green jasmine, maybe with citrus.

    1. Lucky you with an armload of lilacs!! Green jasmine with citrus sounds great. Mandy’s Candide is a yummy jasmine with citrus, but it’s not green.

  5. Not much blooming here just yet but everything is greening up and budding. The creeping phlox is blooming and I’m patiently waiting for the lily of the valley to bloom. Thanks for the draw!

  6. The California poppies are up and vying with the Queen Anne’s Lace and fennel and mustard in the hollows. But today’s find is a gorgeous, delicate lavender bloom on one of my overgrown icebox radishes! Exquisite!

  7. Wow! What a generous offer! I love the idea of cocoa sandalwood. It’s full on here in TX. My Crepe Myrtals are showing signs of soon-to-be flowers, but no pink blooms yet. Thanks for the draw!

  8. I’ve tried everything in your line except for the Citrus Vetiver, so I’ll take the larger spray option. (On that note, my latest sample order will arrive late Saturday night via “scent mule,” and I can’t wait!)

    As far as spring goes, I’m behind everyone, including Poodle. It’s very late this year, so only the grass is green, we’re still waiting for the trees to leaf out. Give it a few weeks and the lilac outside my kitchen window will be blooming, as well as my neighbor’s Mayday tree (Prunus padus), two of the best smells around.

    1. I’m so glad you found a friendly helper scent mule! :Whenever someone has one of those they should let me know of a fun extra to send to the helper too. πŸ™‚

      Don’t think I’ve smelled a Prunus padus, but just googled and they look pretty!

  9. Things are green, green, and greener here! There are no flowers blooming just yet (in PA) but the fact that our tiny, ever-struggling willow tree has promising little buds all over it right now fills my heart with joy! As for a new fragrance, I can’t help but wonder how lily of the valley would smell with an ever-so-slight hint of musk/sun-kissed skin this time of year. But if it never happens, I’m totally content with my Siena Musk Congrats on the new additions, Laurie!

  10. Wonderful draw, how exciting!!
    This weekend I’ll be planting my tomato plants. I plant all heirlooms and love the unique flavors and colors. I have a few black varieties and one that matures white with pink stripes.

  11. Hi Laurie,
    I’d love to try both of your new naturals! Not much blooming around here because we haven’t had any rain in ages. I’d be very interested to smell what you would do with a jasmine-centric perfume.

    1. Hi Gail! I have a floral in progress that seems to be about ready for testing, and it has prominent jasmine (also with ylang, neroli, tuberose, and osmanthus). A more pure jasmine would be fun too. Hope you get some rain if you need it!

  12. I’ve been craving lindenblossom, orange blossom and osmanthus this spring =) Not sure if this drawing is open world-wide but Laurie you know how i’m a huge fan of yours regardless!

  13. Leavenworth’s Tickseed has been coming on strong here lately in all the ditches and road shoulders. Thanks for the draw.

  14. Here in Southern Oregon it seems that I can’t go anywhere without following the trail of some delicious blossom. The most heady experience was a week ago when the Madrone and Ceanothus were both in full bloom. Driving down the Applegate Valley as the winds shifted to blow down the Madrone and Ceanothus covered ridges, having the effect of driving through an almost impenetrable cloud of richly honeyed lilac dirtied with a little animalic musk. It was beyond glorious. But the Roses, Wisteria, Elder, and Black Locust, Lemon Balm, and Violets etc. are all keeping my nose delightfully entertained. Many thanks for the generous draw!

  15. Sisterspecies, your description of the Madrone/Ceanothus breeze made me swoon with memories.
    Here in Hawaii summer has truly arrived, our trade winds are not providing the natural air conditioning we are accustomed to. The volcano is still pumping H2S into the air but it is going up the other side of the island now.

    The fragrance that is going around now is that resiny essence of newly ripe mango. The many old trees in our neighborhood are heavily laden with ripe or nearly ripe fruit, while at the same time still bearing flowers waiting to be pollinated for a late summer crop.

    In addition, the Tahitian Gardenia and Plumeria blossoms are blooming in profusion, making an early morning walk a fragrant pleasure.

    Laurie–do you have a storefront? We have planned a vacation arriving in SFO on July 19, will be visiting friends in Healdsburg and wondered if seeing your place is a possibility?

    1. Oh my, that sounds like heaven in Hawaii! Thanks for the lovely description! (And I loved sisterspecies description too!)

      I don’t have a storefront, but send me an email and I’ll see what we can do. Hope you have a fun trip to CA!

  16. I’m in Laurie’s neck of the woods, so it’s roses, roses, roses here. And all the citrus are in bloom – lime, lemon, satsuma, blood orange. Spring is the best! Thanks so much for the draw!

  17. I was up at Mt Adams in Washington last Sunday in some very unseasonably WARM weather hunting for snow bank mushrooms. We were in an area that we usually go to and it had burned last summer. BUT not all bad! It exposed all the ponderosa pine needles on the ground and with the light breeze blowing and the VERY faint bit of smoke…well the whole smell was intoxicating. It was so piney and warm. I really wanted it in a bottle. It was so simple, sweet and pure. I went to the local “Perfume House” on SE Hawthorne here in Portland and couldn’t find anything like it. I guess I will hope Laurie can come up with it.

    1. I wonder if some pine essential oil would hit the spot for you, but you’d probably need a little sweet smoke with that. πŸ™‚ Hope your mushroom hunt was successful!

  18. Ooooh, I’ve been dying to try your new scents! The lilacs are blooming here which makes me long for a lilac scent for summer. Thanks for the draw!

  19. I’d love to try these new scents! Here in the desert I have enough trouble keeping our small patch of grass green so, I don’t even attempt anything that blooms. I miss the green spring of the US Northeast! A cassis or mimosa scent would be something I would love!

    1. Sounds like you’ve had quite a change in locale! I love mimosa and would love to do a mimosa centric perfume someday. Good luck in the draw!

  20. Thanks for the generous opportunity to win samples, Laurie (although I’m in Australia so understand if that disqualifies me…). Autumn here (or Fall but as Aussie trees are evergreen there is little “fall” to speak of) so not much blooming at present although there is a HUGE loquat (aka Japanese or Chinese plum) tree at my place of work that recently flowered much to the enjoyment of the native bees. Enjoy the Northern Hemispherical spring!

    1. It would be my fantasy to live in Australia part of the year to skip over our winter, but I bet I’m not the first to fantasize about that!

      Just looked and wiki says, “Loquats are unusual among fruit trees in that the flowers appear in the autumn or early winter, and the fruits are ripe in late winter or early spring.” I didn’t know that, but it’s interesting!

  21. I, too, have been enjoying lilac scents this Spring…I can’t wait to try your new creations !!!! My favorite of yours is Lieu des Reves. It reminds me of how the orange trees smell here in Pensacola each year when I go downtown to the local jazzfest. A big THANX out to you, Lady !!!

  22. For the first time in several years, we didn’t have a heavy frost (or even a hard freeze) once things started blooming and it’s been gorgeous. Tulips and daffodils finished several weeks ago, the dogwoods blossoms have fallen but the azaleas are spectacular right now. We have some rosebud azaleas that are so close to popping and the peony bushes are loaded with buds.

    I enjoyed the pictures of your garden which was in bloom way ahead of us here in SW Ohio!

  23. Hola, how are you?
    Have been collecting plants for the window boxes, already have a box of white Geraniums, thinking of Lavender for one, Lemon Thyme and Oregano for the kitchen box – Garden wise the cherry blossom trees are cascading pretty white and pink petal confetti in the breeze.

    By beautiful apposite serendipity, have been experimenting scent wise with a Dirty/Clean perfume – Putain de Palace, potent stuff! As well as single note aromatherapy oil – yesterday was Sandalwood Amarylis, ‘dirty’ compared to last night’s creamy and ‘clean’ Sandalwood Mysore,

    Have a few suggestions for scents – the first one is a two note: Petitgrain and Bergamot; Petitgrain: crisp and deliciously refined top note and Bergamot adds a sensuous rounded base: Suitable for day and night, Unisex appeal, even gay men burrow into my neck for a deep sniff.

    This is a three note: very hypnotic, seductive, more a winter and nighttime perfume: Geranium, Rosewood/Bois de Rose and Frankincense. Geranium – as of itself has that hint of crisp citrus amidst the ‘Rose’, Rosewood blooms beautifully, and a smidge of Frankincense adds that olfactory ‘hit’ that’s powerless to refuse. Whenever I wear this, people always ask what the perfume is.

    1. Sounds like you’re becoming very skilled at blending with essential oils. Hope you continue to have fun with it! Thanks for joining in here!

  24. It’s finally getting green here, and I’ve seen some tiny flowers growing in the woods. Spring is late this year in northern Europe.

    I’m actually testing Cocoa Sandalwood today. I’m surprised how dry and airy it is. I would love to try Spiced Citrus Vetiver as well. It sounds like something I would love. For a new spring/summer scent: A jasmine would be lovely. Maybe with a creamy base and a bit of dirtiness. I’ve been looking for a perfect jasmine for a while. It would be great to see jasmine done in your style.

    Thank you for the draw! Hope it’s okay for us internationals to participate.

    1. Hi Kay! I love jasmine too. The natural absolute does tend to be a bit “dirty” from the indoles, but I like it. Thanks for joining the drawing!

  25. I’m in Texas and it seems like everything is blooming (although some citrus, like my satsuma tree, have just finished).
    Thanks so much for the draw — both of these fragrances have been getting a lot of love in the blogs and vetiver is one of my two favorite notes .

  26. Our roses and irises are in bloom. But, my favorite garden flower is the Jewels of Opar that volunteer themselves into every container we have. The tiny seedpods are spectacular and its miniature pink flowers are masterpieces. Can’t wait til they bloom again this year. Thanks for the draw!

  27. The crocus came late and now has passed, so we have daffodils, violets, blue headed mountain grass and other wildflowers, including dandelions, in the yard; but signs of summer appear in the form of everything budding and greening up for the show…most of the delicious smells won’t be here till next month, but the intense spring green everywhere is beautiful and reviving after so many months of gray and white…it’s winter in Maine, beautiful in it’s own right – but sometimes just a bit too long for my taste.

    For summer, I like lilac, peonies, honeysuckle, and rose since they make it smell so good here. perfumes are a bit new to me, but all yours sound so good! I’ve dabbled in essential oils, flower essences, and aromatherapy so natural fragrances are the most appealing to me. Some chemicals give me really bad headaches (and remind me of organic chemistry labs so many years ago). I really liked some of the ideas in the earlier comments – so inspiring. I’ll be thinking more on what fragrance to pick for this summer.

    1. Your area sounds beautiful! Hope you have fun blending with essential oils. It can get addictive! I’ll be adding more natural scents to the list with time.

  28. Spring did not make a real statement this year as it kept reverting back to winter-like weather, and so I think many of my springtime bloomers were a bit confused. The bulbs, being underground, seemed a bit less affected although I think the tulips arrived a bit late and the The last of them have bloomed and if the bunnies haven’t decapitated them already, are standing proud and pretty. Last fall was the first time I ever planted bulbs in my side of the yard (shared with M-I-L). The well-established LoTVs are just now unfurling their leaves and flower buds popping out – 2 weeks late.
    Luckily, temperatures appears to be stabilizing and all the spring flowers that were delayed are coming into their own.
    My potted blue macropetala clematis just finished a round of blooms, and is now beginning to show its lovely seedheads.
    The dogwoods, both pink and white are beginning the big show, and it’s a glorious sight. Guess I should post a picture.
    Thanks for the draw, Laurie. Have a lovely weekend!

    1. I love dogwoods, but they are rare here. Would love to see a picture! Lotv don’t grow here at all. I’ve grown macropetala though and liked it a lot. Thanks for joining in!

  29. Thanks for the draw, Laurie! What’s blooming around me? Well, it was bluebonnets a few weeks ago, but now they’re mostly gone. Sadface! We’re moving on to roses here. πŸ™‚

  30. The tulips are blooming in so many beautiful colors, the lilacs smell wonderful. The cherry trees smell wonderful and everything is turning green. It’s so beautiful and fragrant! I would love to win this draw. Laurie you are the very best!! Thank you Beth

  31. I have no garden of my own but I’m really looking forward to choosing plants for my balcony pots! Spring has been a bit cold and miserable up until a week ago and now it’s almost summer temperatures! So lovely.

  32. No need to enter me in the draw but I am going to put in my “two scents” for a requested summer scent for Neil and I- a light floral vanilla :D!!

  33. So much is blooming! We have lilacs, virburnum, crab apple blossoms, tulips, and I can’t wait for roses πŸ™‚ I have been preparing for them by trying out various rose perfumes, and my favorite thus far has been SSS Rose Musk. That said, I am really excited about trying the citrus vetiver!

  34. This is the strange period for me: despite the warm season….I like to wear incense, woods and cuir… Two examples: Trayee by Neela Vermeire and Cuir Velours e Bois d’Ascese by Naomi Goodsis… These fragrances make my nose so good!

  35. We’ve had a very late spring here in the UK, and finally, everything in the garden and countryside is coming to life. At the moment our garden is filled with tulips, aquilegias and bleeding heart, while the lilacs are just coming into bloom. In the woods wild garlic is prolific, scenting all the paths.

  36. I’d love to try some of your fragrances — I hear nothing but rave reviews for them. πŸ™‚ As for future fragrances, I think it would be wonderful if lilac became a more frequent note in perfumery. I’ve also had a strange yen lately for something with apricot atop spices and sandalwood. But I might be a little strange. lol.

  37. What a wonderful draw! Is it too late to be counted in? In Spring and Summer, I love smelling figs. Green ones in the spring, and then fat, almost overripe ones in the late heat.

  38. I live in the city and don’t have a garden as such, and most of my potted plants are herbs, but I do have some easygoing lipstick salvia and cute little Siberian irises blooming. πŸ™‚ If I could request some notes for a new spring/summer scent, I think I would really love a mimosa fragrance with a touch of almond to it! Thank you for the draw!

  39. Hi Laurie, I’m in NYC and just growing some basil, parsley and sage on the window sill, although my husband was urban farming here in a community garden for awhile. I’ve been meaning to tell you that I received 5 samples recently and am using them lovingly and carefully- and also trying to decide on a scent gift for my college graduating son. LOVE jout ensoleille and forest walk…. Fig tree, nostalgie, champagne du bois all just lovely. I will be checking into more shortly. Thanks much for what you do.
    Also, I would of course like to enter the sample prize thing. Best, Lari Frank

    1. Community gardens can be wonderful! It’s a great way to grow some things when you don’t have a big enough plot of land. Glad you’re enjoying the samples! The vetiver is a good one for a guy. Got you in the draw!

  40. Lots blooming in the Houston/Galveston area – Bottlebrush, Hibiscus, Passion vine, Honeysuckle, Mandavilla…I love this time of year!

    1. I don’t think you’re alone in that, Ron! I get both freshness and earthiness, so to me it has both sides. Citrus and vetiver do make a good pairing.

      You just got into the draw before I closed it! Thanks!

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