Deciding which scents to offer at SF show

I’m deciding which scents to bring for sale to the show in SF on July 8. I’ll make some 5 ml black travel sprays because I think that might be a popular size for the show, but I’m trying to decide which scents to bring for sale. Perfumistas may prefer things like Incense Pure, Forest Walk, and Nostalgie, whereas fragrance newbies might prefer lighter scents like Voile de Violette and Fig Tree. It’s hard to predict ahead what people will want. I will have a free shipping code to use at the show for any orders placed that day on our ipad since I can’t be sure to bring everything people may want. Any advice or scent requests are welcome here on the blog!

I’ve made a pretty sign (I will post a link to it next week if I can upload the big file to my webhost). I also printed brochures. Next week we’ll make spray testers for all the scents. Lots to do but we’re on schedule.

The code FragrSF12x is still good for $10 off your ticket to the Fragrance Salon on July 8th.

Here’s an interesting post today on the Persolaise blog featuring an interview with two Givaudan perfumers. I’ll have to try the karmaflor they mention. Sounds interesting.

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  1. Hi Laurie – can you bring a 5 ml of Forest Walk to the show for me to purchase? Looking forward to saying hi and to the show! sandy l.

    1. Sure, Sandy! Is black ok or would you prefer silver or pink? I’ll bring black by default but will bring other colors by request. Thanks! It should be fun at the show!

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