December, The Busy Season

I’m scrambling to do some holiday rituals like shopping and cards along with the usual orders, scent development, sourcing of new materials, etc.  I just tried some very nice naturals this week from France and am working on an order.  I’ll get some mimosa absolute that will be fun because I’ve not had a large enough quantity before to use it in a scent on my list.  Mimosa absolute has some powdery floral aspects but also hints of smooth, soft leather and dried hay.  Yum.  The new woodsy kilo finally ships Monday and I’m looking forward to that too.

It’s been quite cold here, in the 40s at night, so it feels like December (for CA anyway).  I’m making progress on the new fragrances as I can in between orders.  I’d also really like to add more scents to the body cream list, including Champagne and Sienna.  Another one I’d like to offer would be a light citrusy scent that would be refreshing while you apply the cream and then disappear fairly quickly to not interfere with your later fragrance.  It’d be a more fun option than unscented but still not be like perfume.

Many companies are doing holiday sales right now.  I can’t handle the extra order volume a sale would bring at this time, but February will be Sonoma Scent Studio’s 5th anniversary and I’m hoping to do a special on the site or a giveaway on the blog to celebrate.  I’ll see how it goes.  January is the month for inventory and tax prep (yuck!), so if I’m good this year and finish maybe I’ll be able to celebrate in February.

Meantime, eveyone is celebrating the holidays — hope your holidays are off to a great start!  🙂

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