Cutting Garden, and a thank you to testers :)

My Mom’s cutting garden did well this year; here’s a section of it with larkspur, hollyhock, sunflowers, and nigella.  The sun was too harsh for getting a good picture, but the larkspur is so pretty!

I worked more on Ambre Noir today.  My two contenders had been #5 and #7.  Both are nice dark ambers, but #5 has more incense.  I’d been leaning to #7 because it focuses more on the amber/labdanum accord, but something has been holding me back.  A tester today said she missed the incense in it and I think I do too.  So I’m back to #5, but I’m decreasing the rose as I had done for #7.  Will test again tomorrow but that should be closer.

I really appreciate tester comments; everyone is so helpful and even though sometimes the sugestions are contradictory because of differences in taste and skin, the feedback really helps.  I don’t have local friends or family who are into fragrance, so testers are very important to me and I want to say thank you.:)

I need to get a new batch of Vintage Rose going and test a few new ingredient samples that came in today.  Always more to do than fits in the day, lol.

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  1. Hi Kathy,

    Sure, why don’t you email me at so I can get your address. I’m trying to decide whether this one is ok with just light florals and musks or whether it should have a tiny bit of woods in the base. Normally I’d ground it with a smidge of wood, but it’s feeling good without. It’s light though, so lovers of things like Trish Gardenia Musk might make good testers for this. It’s a summery light floral musk.

  2. Oops, just realized which Kathy you are by your trackback address; I was too blind early this morning to figure that out, lol. Sure, I can send a tester and would love your feedback. 🙂

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