Construction ahead

The studio will be taken over today by a team of contractors to replace some closet doors and open up the bathroom wall to remove a piece of wood that’s catching on the pocket door, scraping it up and making it hard to slide. I’ll have the scents of plaster and paint for a couple days, unfortunately, but the end result will be worthwhile.

All orders up to now are shipping this morning, but orders coming in today won’t ship until Friday since I’ll be unable to use the studio today. The ingredients are safely stored away for the day.

I think I may be almost done with the new musk-free tabac version. I’m thinking of the name Tobacco Amber. To create it, I removed the two musks from Tabac Aurea and added hay absolute, myrrh, and oakmoss, and I rebalanced a few things. I’m just starting to send a couple testers out. To me, it seems more unisex this way, but I need to do a side-by-side comparison and get some feedback too. It has a soft ambered base (I increased some of the dry amber ingredients) and the same tabac accord but with the hay to accentuate the tobacco. I’m finding this quite yummy and different enough to be a separate scent though still related to the original. I suspect people will split on which they prefer, with many of those who are anosmic to the musks in the original prefering the new one.

I’d better get going now, but I’ll still be checking email later in the day.

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