Coming soon — Nostalgie

The vintage-inspired scent that I’ve mentioned from time to time over the last year is nearly ready. Here is the first post I wrote about it, back in Oct 2010. I worked on it last winter and then put it down for most of the summer, but I picked it back up this fall and finished it. I’ve had the name Nostalgie in mind for months but didn’t want to give it out until the scent was done. I had mailed out some early mods under the working name Parfum Classique, but I had not planned to use that as the final name. I like Nostaglie better than something with classic in the name because each person has a slightly different view for what is classic, but I think there is more leeway for what is considered nostalgic. Nostalgie also seems like a more low-key name so I’m more comfortable with it.

I’ve put up the page for Nostalie so that you’ll know what is coming, and I will release it as soon as the first batch is filtered and ready to go, which should be late next week if all goes well. Most of the notes stayed the same throughout the development, though I softened the sandalwood, deleted the tobacco absolute, and added mimosa absolute and violet leaf. This scent features many fine naturals — Mysore sandalwood, jasmine sambac absolute, Bulgarian rose absolute, French beeswax absolute, mimosa absolute, violet leaf absolute, labdanum, aged Indian patchouli, natural oakmoss, myrrh… Because of the cost of the extravagant ingredients, the price point will be higher on this scent. It is an aldehydic floral, so you probably need to enjoy aldehydes to like it, though I kept the aldehydes and animalic notes softer than you’ll find in many vintage perfumes. Hope those who like vintage style will enjoy this one!

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    1. Thanks Elisa! I’ve been working feverishly to try to finish before the end of the year, lol. It’s more floral, less sandal than when you last sniffed. Need to get you a sample. Hope you like it!

      1. I’m sure I will! After reading this last night I put on the last bit of my sample from the first round, and drifted off to sleep in a wave of delicious sandalwood!

  1. Yes, that’s a great name, Laurie!

    I’ll be watching for it. I never got around to trying your previous release, so I’m woefully out of date 🙂

    1. Glad you like the name! Thanks! I’ve just released two so far this year, and this will be the third. To Dream was in April and Fig Tree was in October. Will just squeeze this one in before end of 2011.

  2. This sounds quite wonderful. I will definitely seek it out as soon as it’s available! Kudos on getting it completed before the holiday.

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