Cocoa Sandalwood Review on The Non-Blonde

Gaia posted a lovely review of Cocoa Sandalwood today on The Non-Blonde. A number of people have commented to me that they find it to be a more sophisticated gourmand, yummy but not as literally edible as many chocolate scents. That is what I had hoped to create, so it’s good to hear it works that way, at least for some people.

I’m working on all the little things that have needed doing for weeks, as well as taxes. It’s good to start to catch up.

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  1. and may I add that I have been wearing it for two nights now with zero complaints from my beloved 🙂 ! (and I have NEVER worn perfume to bed with him!). A small dab on the wrist and I sniff myself into a fantastic slumber… sandalwood is such a grounding oil…love what you have done with it!
    ps co-worker out yesterday and got to wear Lieu…so beautiful and a much needed olfactory pick me up as I prepare for the two feet of snow predicted starting tonight into Saturday! Spring cannot get here quick enough 🙂 !!!

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