Cocoa Sandalwood Review on ScentHive

There was a lovely review of Cocoa Sandalwood posted today on ScentHive, a blog that specializes in coverage of natural perfumes and body products. Thanks, Trish! It’s good to see you writing again!

Last year I posted photos of the plum tree in spring so I didn’t want to do that again, but I snapped a few spring pics today in the garden: daffodils, brunnera (with flowers that look similar to forget-me-nots), galanthus (snowdrops), and cyclamen (which is on the way out but has beautiful leaves and blooms all winter). Thought I’d try to spread a little spring cheer. 🙂

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  1. Absolutely beautiful, Laurie! It’s still pretty frigid up here in the mid-Atlantic. Here’s hoping that we will start seeing flowers soon too!

    And thanks for the ScentHive link!

    1. We’re pushing it here with spring in early March, but it’s something to look forward to soon out there!

      Trish on ScentHive covers a lot of fun, unique products. I bet you’ll like her blog!

    2. I’m never sad to see winter go, but I do feel sad sometimes about how fast time flies. It takes effort to slow down and appreciate things for a bit each day, but I try to do that.

      1. Agreed…after shoveling almost a foot of snow off my driveway on Friday I will be very happy to see winter go and am welcoming spring! But I do not want to wish my life away and slowing down and appreciating the here and now is important as well!

  2. Lovely pictures, Laurie, and a great review. Congratulations on the success of Cocoa Sandal. The next natural should be a floral!

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