Cocoa Sandalwood Review and Draw on Cafleurebon

I’m batching Cocoa Sandalwood, the first of the new Sonoma Naturals Collection, and I hope to have it on the site by the end of next week. Meantime, the first review is up on Cafleurebon, and you can head over to enter a drawing for a 17 ml bottle. After the next natural is done we’ll have a draw here too for some spray sample sets.

I think this one will have appeal that overlaps my mixed media scents. Some people who like my higher sillage scents may not like this because it stays closer to the skin, but some people who find scents like Champagne de Bois too strong may like this better, and some folks will like both approaches depending on their mood and the occasion. Lasting power is excellent for me, but sillage is quiet.

The base for the edp is an organic alcohol. I plan to make a non-alcohol version of each natural scent, either a body oil or a solid perfume depending on which works best for the ingredients. (Those non-alcohol versions will be easy to ship overseas. And btw, check the thread in the previous post if you plan to use a freight forwarder for an overseas order and want a coupon code.)

Those who want a strong chocolate note will have to wait for the non-alcohol version of this scent; I plan to play up the chocolate in the oil or solid version. The edp uses the cocoa to enhance the rich creamy base, but after the first 15 minutes or so the chocolate aspect of the cocoa is soft. I wanted the edp to capitalize on the creamy, buttery aspects of the sandalwood and I love how it turned out. I’m really having fun with the naturals collection and hope you’ll enjoy them too.

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  1. A body oil would be lovely; in reading all the perfume blogs, there seems to be a trend toward oils at the moment. Or maybe that’s because it’s wintertime. Anyway, I’m excited to try this ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I think so too, that there has been an increased interest in body oils. The oil will be my preferred choice whenever I can get it to work. The cocoa absolute is thick and heavy, so it tends to settle out of the oil and end up at the bottom of the bottle. I’m going to try a few things to see if I can fix that problem, and if not I may do a solid for this scent instead. The solids would be soft enough to be easy to spread and they’d be moisturizing (I prefer that type to the really hard ones). Luckily, the cocoa works fine in alcohol for making the edp.

  2. It sounds lovely. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’m in the UK, so fall foul of those daft shipping rules. ๐Ÿ™ I think I’d prefer an oil too, wherever possible – as long as the scent is fairly concentrated. I find solids either lose their scent or the base goes hard or rancid, so they don’t keep well.

    1. Thanks for input, Tania! If I did a perfume oil version rather than or in addition to a body oil, I wonder if people would prefer a regular type of bottle or a roll-on. I know that alcohol sprays are the most popular choice, but I wonder what is the most popular application method for a concentrated perfume oil (parfum concentration). If I did a body oil it would be lower concentration in a larger bottle with a treatment pump. If I did a higher concentration parfum oil it could be in a roll-on bottle or a more expensive elegant Chanel style stopper bottle, or something in between.

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