Cocoa Sandalwood is on the site

Chocolate sqCocoa Sandalwood is now on the site! I had worried about losing some of the cocoa scent during filtration because a lot of dark waxes settle out on the filter from the cocoa, but the final result has a nice chocolate note and the edp is clear after filtration. The cocoa is strongest at the start, but then it softens and lasts quite well in the background.

The naturals collection will be more expensive because of the ingredients, but I’m trying to hold the price down as much as I can. I hope you enjoy trying this first scent in the collection!

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  1. How far behind will Citrus Vetiver be? I want both so I am wondering if I should hold off on ordering Cocoa Sandalwood and order both at once? (if the lag is a few weeks I can wait but if longer maybe not as I see Cocoa Sandalwood as more of a cold weather scent and I would like Citrus Vetiver and possibly Jour Ensolielle in my “arsanal” for Spring 🙂 !!

    1. I’m hoping Spiced Citrus Vetiver will be out in a couple weeks. When I set it down it was almost done. I need to pick it back up now and work on final tweaks while scaling up. I’ll send you an email, but you should hold off a little bit. 🙂

  2. So glad that I did not wait…bottle arrived today and it is absolutely gorgeous in a subtle way that offends not hubby and has me sniffing my wrist literally every two seconds! bravo! I could definitely see myself wearing this one year round!

    And now I have the torturous wait for the other two naturals in progress as well as thinking about the florals…..:) !!
    PS the samples were perfect as well…just in time for spring, which cannot get here soon enough! (snow today…UGH!)

  3. There is a lovely review on “the black narcissus” of Cocoa sandalwood! Coming from a blogger who does not particularly care for the note of sandalwood he is singing the praises of this perfume!

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