Checking in on a rainy spring day

I’m excited to start making testers tomorrow of two new summer scents, one floral and one not. The floral will be for the Boutique Collection and the non-floral will be for the Sonoma Exclusives in both perfume and lotion. I worked on both scents last summer but didn’t have time to finish them until now. I’d mentioned the non-floral scent to two or three people but haven’t mentioned it here and haven’t sent testers out to anyone. The floral is one approach out of three that I explored in many trials over the last year. It’s time to see how both these do on other people. I’ll describe them more when the scents are closer to release, but I just wanted to say that some fun things are coming!

Meantime, Ambre Noir is back on the site, as is the body silk. We’re having rain and it feels more like winter than spring right now. After I finish these two scents I will get back to the vintage inspired fragrance. Feels good to be making progress again. 🙂

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    1. Yep, just made the first one oz little batch and will test it today. If ok will fill sample vials to start sending testers tomorrow. 🙂 Am curious how it does on others. I’ll bring the concentration up in the next batch (must do the math, lol), so testers need to keep in mind I will make it a bit stronger. First batch sometimes is lower concentration because I work in dilutions when I do all the preliminary trials — that strategy lets me make smaller batches so less waste, but means I have to do a little work when I scale it up at this stage.

  1. I agree with mals86, looking forward to the new creations – the floral AND the mysterious “not floral” scent…. And very glad to see that you’re able to get back to your love – creating wonderful fragrances.

    Today the sun seems finally to be re-emerging in northern CA….nice. How’s your garden? I imagine it in full glory.


  2. “Feels good to be making progress again” – that is the name of the blog, after all. 🙂 I’m looking forward to them as well.

    P.S. My good friend Kathleen just ordered some of your samples, and tried VdV today. Her verdict: “SO awesome.”

  3. Tried to comment yesterday but my iPad didn’t want to work with WordPress for whatever reason.

    I’m glad to hear about both. Is “non-floral” the one I’m thinking of? (I’m keeping my breath in anticipation)

    1. Hi Undina,

      You are probably thinking of the vintage inspired scent, which I plan to have out by late summer/early fall. I can’t wait for that one, but I thought I better get the summer things out first. This other new one, the non-floral, is something you’ve probably not heard about. I need to do a little more work on it before it’s ready to talk about… The summer floral is ready for first testing though. Glad you’re looking forward to the vintage inspired! I’ll get that back out again very soon.

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