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Here’s a picture of some fall hydrangea blossoms. I cut them to bring in before a much-needed rainstorm here in northern CA.

If all goes well, my plan is to put samples back up for sale late next week and bottles the following week. I’ll post again next week about that.

Still working on the Amber Incense. I’m trying some beta damascone in it and really like it, but I’ll need to get the natural isolate version since I want to keep this formula all natural.

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  1. Hi Laurie,
    Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures of your hydrangea blossoms!! The color is similar to my beloved Pinky Winky, but the blossom shape is different. I have quite a few hydrangeas in my yard, and I absolutely love them.

    Looking forward to the Amber Incense. It sounds like the perfect cool weather fragrance! I’ve been enjoying Forest Walk lately. I wore it the other day, and I could still smell it 10 hours later!

    Hope you are feeling well!!


  2. Thanks, Cathy! This one is called “All Summer Beauty” because it blooms on both old and new wood. The blooms are a little smaller than some varieties, but it blooms for a long period and seems to tolerate growing among the oaks better than other varieties I have tried. Our soil seems to produce pink hydrangeas and I just go with it rather than trying for blue. I think Pinky Winky is a paniculata so it must have those pretty elongated blossoms? This one is a typical macrophylla with rounded blooms. There are so many beautiful hydrangea types; I need to try a few more!

  3. Absolutely beautiful! Looking forward to Sonoma Scent coming back with samples, I’ve been looking forward to ordering quite a few! Very best!

  4. Thanks so much for the update! I’m going a little insane for Ambre Noir. Is there an ETA for when it will be avail for purchase? I gave my sample away to a co-worker, and she is wearing it today. It is MESMERIZING when it drifts over to my nose! 😉

    1. I am out of one ingredient that I need to batch it again. I was debating waiting until after the holidays, but sounds like I should get on it, lol. 🙂

      1. Oh yes, I would be ever so happy/grateful to buy a bottle! I gave my sample away to try to encourage her to try your perfume (I already knew I was going to buy it), but selfishly I would not hve given it to her if I knew it was out of stock, Lol! Now I drool when it drifts to my nose. Oh please bring it back soon (wink).

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