Checking in…

I’m very busy filling orders but I’m keeping turn-around to 2-3 days so far, which is pretty good. People should start to receive packages soon. It’s nice to see the website without those red messages near the tops of the fragrance and samples pages. ūüôā

No time for blending right now but I’ll get back to it. I have a sample of the new DelRae Mythique on the way and really look forward to trying it (sounds very pretty!).

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  1. Hi Laurie,
    Hope you like it. IMHO, Mythique is gorgeous with a capital “G”! Funny – the big sillage lover that I am, I don’t get much when I hold the wrist up to my nose, but I’m constantly aware of the “aura” it casts around me. Really lovely and classical in style. I don’t seem to get the leather that everyone talks about, though.

  2. Hi Ann,

    Mythique sounds really pretty and I love the notes in it, so I expect to like that one! I’ve heard other people also say that it doesn’t have a lot of sillage, but if it comes and goes as you move around that sounds perfect to me (I usually adjust application dose of scents to try to achieve that subtle presence anyway). Thanks for the input — now I’m looking forward to the sample even more. ūüôā

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