Checking in

I’m busy with orders and working on new scents as I can. Still waiting for the drywall man to come back and make the final repair so I can put everything away again. I love the new closet doors though! I try to squeak out all the storage space I can.

I’m trying the new musk-free tabac without the hay and think it’ll be better. I’d thought the hay would enhance the tobacco note, but in this particular combination it seems to compete more than enhance. I’d hoped to start reformulating Fireside Intense over the weekend and didn’t get to it, but I’ll start any day now.

My brother’s birthday is Friday so they will probably come up for the weekend to celebrate that plus father’s day. Always nice to see them.

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  1. A new tobacco scent, eh? It sounds interesting, though I love Tabac Aurea, so who knows what I’ll think of the new one. Then again, there is plenty of love in my heart for another fragrance. When do you think the Gardenia will be finished? People are wondering…:-)

  2. My goal for this tabac version is to use the same tobacco accord with a similar woodsy amber base theme but leave out the musks that some people can’t smell in the original to make it work better for them. It’s a more complex project than I’d originally thought, but it’s interesting.

    Not sure yet when gardenia will be done. I may do two scents out of this project: one more traditional type of gardenia musk and one more complex floral blend with gardenia, jasmine, ob, and tuberose and just a light touch of musk. I’ll blog more about it before long. I realize I should have finished this earlier since summer is upon us…

  3. PS I’m going to put that tabac version down for a few days and go back to gardenia tomorrow. I’m working on getting Cameo onto the site first though — I just added a photo of the first bottle to the Cameo page but need to move the page from the “upcoming” section to the “live” section!

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