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I’ve added Lieu de Reves to the fragrance page, but I’ll wait to send a newsletter to announce it until Tabac Aurea is ready and will then send a newsletter about both new scents. I filtered the first batch of Reves and am glad to have the first little batch done. I always start with a smaller amount the first time that I make a new formula.

I took Jour Ensoleille out of the offerings for now because I need to reformulate it with the new oakmoss. JE is the scent that will be most affected by the oakmoss change because it has the strongest moss note.

It’s been so warm and beautiful the last few days that it’s hard to stay inside and work. I went out at lunch break for a while to sit and sniff scent testers on the porch yesterday and today. We really need more rain, but this 70 degree weather is enjoyable.

Quite a few orders have been shipping out and I’m almost caught up again. I hope to get back to the formulating tomorrow.

This economy is sure worrisome; the little shops in town are having a very hard time right now, and I know that’s true in all sectors all over the country. Hope things can turn around this year.

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