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I redesigned the labels on the shea cream jars to incorporate the jasmine theme similar to the perfume boxes (I’ve been meaning to do this and went ahead with it now because I’m starting to ship the new shea formula today and wanted it to have the new labels). You can see a photo below for the previous post; I just updated the photo to show the new labels.

I’ve been scrambling to keep up with orders so I haven’t made more progress on the new blends the last few days. It’s been quite cold here and we have snow on the nearby mountains; it’s very pretty, but every time it snows my high speed internet goes down because the wireless signal is broadcast from the mountain and the equipment fails in bad weather. We don’t have the option of DSL or cable out here. I’m on stuck on dial-up tonight, but at least I do have that for back-up.

update: High speed is back up, yay! But I expect it to go in and out all winter like it did last year.

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