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I wanted to give a quick update. Today I’m expecting delivery of the kilo I need for Amber Incense. My assistant will be gone all next week for an Easter vacation with family, so I will plan to release Amber Incense the week of the 13th after she is back, if all goes well.

We’ve had summer-like weather here, and we’ve planted our tomatoes. The Sweet 100 is looking strong and actually formed its first two little blossoms today. The strawberries are forming lots of berries too. Looking forward to yummies. 🙂 I’m also enjoying the scent of fresh cut sweet peas, pink jasmine, and roses in my room. Will have to get some pics.

My brother and his family will be coming up Friday for the holiday weekend. Happy Easter! 🙂

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  1. I’ve still got too much snow on the ground to even get the spring yard clean up done. It’s really amazing how much snow we got. Fresh tomatoes and strawberries would be a dream come true. So would those fresh flowers. I’m wondering if I’ll even see any early spring blossoms a little later in the season.
    Amber Incense sounds like its going to be amazing. I hope the package arrives safe and sound and you’re able to release it soon like you hope to.

    1. Thanks, poodle! I think we are just as abnormally warm and dry as you have been cold and wet! Hope you see signs of spring soon!

      I did get the kilo last night. Need to open it today and make sure it seems right. I finished my taxes (yay!) so the Amber Incense release is next up! 🙂

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