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Nothing new at the moment, but I thought I’d give a head’s up that I will host a drawing here on the blog soon to celebrate something. 🙂 I will post about it, probably early next week.

We had 9 inches of rain last weekend! It was a weird storm because the north bay area had lots of rain while the south bay did not get much at all. It is a start though, during this drought.

I liked this interview of IFF perfumer Pascal Gaurin. When asked how long it takes to create a scent, he said, “It has taken me as short a time as three months, and as long as seven years. Ninety-nine percent of what I try goes nowhere; I’m aiming for that 1 percent that is my best effort. The process can be frustrating, but achieving that 1 percent is the reward. You’re chasing that smile on someone’s face, the reaction when they smell the end result.”

Chasing the smile is so true.

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  1. I like that phrase, “Chasing the smile” 🙂 I think it can be applied to so many arts.
    Wow, you got 9 inches of rain? We received about an inch total on the mid-peninsula. I’m hoping for more.

    1. I liked that phrase too and agree it can apply to much more than perfumery. My brother lives in the mid-peninsula area too and they hardly got any rain while we were getting drenched. It was a weird storm!

  2. That’s a lot of rain. I’m supposed to get a foot of snow today. Shall I send you some? I’ve got all I need at the moment. Lol. I’m so sick of this winter.

    1. I would be such a wimp living in the snow. It’s fun to visit but would be hard to live in all winter. It has been an especially hard winter in many places this year. Wishing you a lovely spring! 🙂

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