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Things are settling down here after the holidays, though I’m trying to tackle the year-end paperwork. I’m also test sniffing the latest ylang/tuberose/jasmine mod. I enjoy white florals in winter because they bring a little bit of summer when the days are short.

I noticed a 60-second Science Talk audio about the genetic influence on how we smell aroma molecules. This topic seems to be getting widespread press lately. I was interested to see that one example they used was beta ionone, saying it smells to some like flowers and to others like sour vinegar. I like beta ionone and use it in a number of scents. It is woodsier and less sweet and powdery than alpha ionone or methyl ionone gamma. All of these ionones have varying amounts of sweet/powdery floral violet notes, fruity notes, orris notes, and woodsy aspects. Some people have told me that ISO E Super smells like vinegar to them, and it sounds like beta ionone can seem that way to some people too. I’ve realized that any component of a blend can be problematic to some while being great to others. It’s also interesting to note that beta ionone is a natural aroma chemical found in things like violets, osmanthus, wine, tobacco, grapes, almonds, peaches, plums, tea, and beer, so both natural and synthetic ingredients can be problematic to some people.

I’ll be away from email for most of Tuesday the 7th but will be back in the afternoon.

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    1. I understand that feeling! I crave flowers in winter too, though our weather has been weirdly mild this year (we are in a major drought at the moment). I should send you a tester soon if you’re up for it!

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