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I think I’ve sent the link to everyone on the 34 ml blog offer list, but I’ve not heard back from a few people yet. If you’ve not received the link email yet, check your spam folder and let me know if you need me to send out another email with the link. I’d like to finish these special orders. No rush, but I want to be sure I take care of everyone.

Some people have asked about the new scent and about the tweak to Lieu de Reves. The new scent is inspired by the older classics. It will have some chypre influence but won’t be as mossy as some vintage chypres nor will it be the “new chypre” with clean patch or clean synth moss notes. It has some natural moss and lots of sandalwood in the base, plus some tonka, patch, and amber. The heart has rose, jasmine sambac absolute, light peach, and soft spices. I’m also using a little bit of a new tobacco absolute that is less green and leafy than my original one; it has some soft fruity notes and some wonderful musky animalic tones that add a lot to the base. I’m about ready to send out a few testers and will need input on a name. 🙂

The motivation for the tweak to Reves is to get it ready to join the Boutique group. I may keep the original in the Exclusives and rename it something with “dream” in the name, but we’ll see. The tweak is more complex with more orris and rose, less musk, a hint of cocoa, a little incense, and some new oakwood absolute. I’ll need feedback before deciding what to do.

Sure feels like fall.

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  1. Laurie, your new ‘old classic’ perfume sounds very interesting!

    I love your idea to keep your original Reves scent on your website under a different name. “Dream’ within the name sounds perfect. It is a very ethereal scent, in my humble opinion. Your tweaks to the formula for the boutique sound exciting also. There is room enough in my collection for both.

    Have fun playing! Joy, Lisa

  2. Oooooo sounds delcious Laurie!
    No -one doubts your skills on creating more beloved scents.
    I cannot wait to smell the newest creation your writing about. It sounds exciting!

    Take care, T

    1. Thanks DM and TJ!

      I know I’m jumping around a little, but I always have about four new scents going at once, and I’m so close on these two that I thought I should get testers out. Opal still has a long way to go. BB is close but the season is here to finish the Reves tweak and the new one, so I’m working on those for a bit now.

  3. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever tried the original Reves, but the new Reves sounds fantastic! And you already know my feelings on the Classic. Can’t wait to sniff both!!

    BTW, there was a whole crowd of folks singing your praises this past weekend on the NST Lazy Poll. 🙂

      1. That would explain the influx of sample orders, lol. That’s really nice though. Glad people are enjoying their goodies.

        I’m hoping you’ll like the classic inspired one Rapple!

  4. Just got my two perfumes from the 34 ml blog offer in the mail today, so mine have made it in good time. Laurie, that new bottle is stunning!

  5. I was wondering what musks you use in Rose Musc and Egyptian Musk. I am anosmic to a lot of them (Annick Goutal Musc Nomade is odorless to me) but I can smell it in RM, and last week I was able to smell it in EM as well.

    1. Hi Kristen,

      I use a blend of quite a few musks in Rose Musc, and it also has labdanum, amber, and rose items as well. It works even for some people who are anosmic to many musks, so even if you miss one or two of the musks it may still work for you, though it’ll smell different depending how much musk you pick up.

      Egyptian Musk has several musks too, and it also has non-musk ingredients. The musks are even more critical to that blend and it’ll seem light or non-existent if you miss too much of those musks.

      I can send you a sample of the main 2 musks in Rose Musc sometime with an order so you can see if you can smell them. 🙂 You probably do — it’s common for people to smell some musks better than others.

  6. I recently found my sample of Incense Pure. Normally I don’t wear scents along that line but I have totally fallen in love with it! It’s so amazing I keep smelling my wrists. It’s my new scent to wear everyday. I am one of the people who was going to get a bottle of Rose Musc but my budget is to tight at the moment. I can’t wait for the shopping cart to go back up though so I can order your new purse sprays in the Rose Musc and Incense Pure. Thanks Laurie for all your fabulous scents!


    1. Glad you’re enjoying those. I’m surprised you like IP too since you’re not usually an incense person, but that’s great! The purse sprays are perfect size to play around with a variety of scents. Maybe fall put you in the mood for IP!

  7. Dear Laurie,

    I got my bottle of TA today!!!!

    Thanks for the decant bottles as well–now I won’t have to haul the full ones around.

    I also found my lost bottle of IPure, so all is well.


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