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I’ve been trying a few minor adjustments to the last mod of ET to make it a bit less dry, and I have something I like. I’ll need to get a few opinions but this seems to help. I’m also working on BB. I’m working on paperwork too — I really need to finish my taxes. I started them a month ago when I took that 10 days off but haven’t gotten back to them since. Just getting back to it now.

I also received an interesting tobacco absolute sample. It has less of a green/herbal nuance than some I’ve smelled and less fruity hints, but it has an interesting animalic nature to it. I’m looking forward to trying this as a basenote in something with moss and labdanum.

Just thought I’d poke my head up to check in, and I’ll post again soon…

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  1. Oooh – will samples of ET be available soon? I am delaying my sample order until it is available, and I’m dying to try your scents! I’ve heard so many good things.

  2. Hi Matthew,

    Yes, as soon as I pick the final ET formula I will put samples on the site. It’ll be a few extra days before bottles are available but I’ll make samples available as soon as it is decided. Samples are on their way to a couple testers to help me decide if this is it and I should know by early next week…

    I’ll also do a little sample give-away here on the blog as soon as ET samples are available. 🙂

  3. Hi Jo,

    Yes, it’s very different than the one I’ve been using. It has a noticeable animalic aspect to me, but also has the usual sweetness. It’s rich and strong like tobacco absolute usually is, and when I dilute it down it seems very nice with vintage chypre types of basenotes. I’m playing with it and looking forward to putting it in a formula.

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