CdB Review, and Sniffing Samples

The blog EauMG has posted a review today of Champagne de Bois. Thanks, Victoria! It’s CdB time of year again with fall in the air. And while you’re there at the EauMG blog, check out Victoria’s make-up tutorials on creating vintage looks. She’s cute in all of them and it’s fun to see how close she gets to the vintage.

I have some new ingredient samples to sniff: cork oak absolute, cypress absolute, and a new beeswax. The cork really smells like you might expect, with a dry, dusty woods smell. I need to dilute these down to test them. The cypress is beautiful, but it’s similar to my black hemlock absolute so I’m not sure I’ll need both. I will compare them side by side to see.

I’m working on some natural blends, one of which has blood orange as a major player. I’ve not done a commercial scent with a strong citrus note for a while (I had one called Tapestry years ago), so this is fun.

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  1. I’m really looking forward to sniffing the blood orange natural scent! Funny, I was just recently thinking the same thing as your comment re: no major citrus scent.

    1. Hi Caroline,
      Thank you for the link! You have a beautiful blog! I love your imagery and your descriptions. I’ll post some links later today from here and FB and my site.

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