Catching Up

The photo above shows some Tabac bottles before they shipped out.  I’m catching up with the orders that came in after the Tabac launch, and things should get back to normal in a few more days.  We have beautiful warm weather here, enough to create spring fever, so I’m really looking forward to having a few minutes to get outside.  It’s in the 80s today!

I’m hoping to get back to gardenia this weekend.

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  1. Thanks Nathan! Actually, I saw how cool the bottles looked all random like in your photos so I tried that myself, and this was my attempt. I think you have a natural eye for composition in photography and you’re good with lighting to make the bottles sparkle. My photos have gotten better since I made a little light box last year and got a few gooseneck lamps to shine in there and bounce the light around, but it’s hard to do bottle shots. I think if you offered photo services to perfumers you’d have a bunch of people in line! (Not that you’d want to spend many hours at that, lol.)

  2. Are you kidding? Taking photos of perfume bottles is one of my own personal joys in life. Call me crazy, I know.

    And I can see that you’re getting less afraid of allowing more light to bounce into the frame — I often see photos on perfumers’ sites and they’re usually too dark. The bottles you use have good light absorbing qualities and sparkle nicely when light is introduced. Especially natural light.

    The juice inside also adds that nice glow.

    I see you’re working on a Zen Musk! It sounds wonderful . . . (*he signs wistfully*)

  3. I love photographing flowers so I can kind of relate. The photos you do of unwrapping a new treasure are always fun, and some of those bottles look really special. My bottle shots have been too dark, but I’ve been trying to work on that. The right light seems to be the secret with both flowers and bottles.

    I have a Zen Musk in progress but want it smoother, so it’s been waiting for me to return to it. Gardenia is up first though…

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