Catching up

I spent the weekend on computer updates and issues but am set to go again. I’m trying to get this computer to last another year or two, but it seems like they always get cranky as soon as the 3 year warranty is up. I’m still on XP and it’d be good to update to Windows 7 in the next year so I can test my site on it whenever I make changes.

It’s been busy here after the To Dream release, but I’m catching up. I almost have a tester for the soft summery floral — getting close. I have several other projects in progress and will talk more about them soon.

I had the pleasure of meeting perfumer Ayala Sender of Ayala Moriel Parfums about a week ago — it was really fun to meet in person after corresponding via email. She’s a sweet person, beautiful inside and out. Her perfumes are all-natural and I like how smooth and well blended they are. If you miss the old oakmossy chypres you might want to sniff her Ayalitta — it’s a lovely oakmoss-rich scent. She posted tonight on her blog about our visit. Ayala’s blog is a treasure trove of information about natural ingredients if you take time to browse.

Luckily it didn’t rain for our visit, but we’ve been having typical crazy spring weather. I’m hoping to start some open studio hours this summer, assuming people can find us out here, lol.

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  1. Hi Laurie,
    I’ll bet it’s fun to host visits from “distinguished guests”! It sounds like you two had a fabulous time together. Lovely photographs, too. I realy enjoy reading Ayala’s analysis on other fragrances. You get different insights when they come from an actual perfumer.
    And – glad to hear there’s progress on the summery floral!

    1. Hi Ann! Yes, it’s a real treat when a perfumer is in my neighborhood! I’ve posted before about liking Ayala’s Palas Atena, Ayalitta, and Espionage. it was fun to sniff some of Ayala’s newer scents, including her lovely in-progress tuberose, which will be one to watch for.

      I’m not getting as much time to blend as I need but I’m excited about the summer scent!

  2. Hi Laurie:
    In case you haven’t seen it yet, Elena did a beautiful review of To Dream today on her site:

    Your visit with Ayala sounds wonderful. Boy – would I loved to have been a fly on the wall listening to two perfumers talk!

  3. Thank you for all the lovely comments!
    I had sooo much fun visiting with you, Laurie 🙂
    Still enjoying the Voile de Violette and Incense Pure and all the other fragrant vials you generously shared with me.
    Looking forward to seeing you again – and wish you much success with the open hours at the studio. I think it will be fantastic!

    1. Thanks Ayala! Looking forward to seeing you again when you’re out! I think the open hours could be fun too. I’m glad I’ll finally get to start that this year.

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