Cart Going Up Friday

I’ll put the cart back up either late Thursday evening before I go to sleep after spending Thanksgiving with my family, or early Friday morning. I will have to wait on Ambre Noir until we can batch more, but I think the others can go up. I’ll be taking stock tomorrow, and we’ll keep batching next week for the things that are low.

I think I have my first tester of the floral musk scent. I’ve been wearing it today and am pleased, though I need to try it again tomorrow. 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Dabney! Yes, this cart needs the wheels, lol. 🙂

      The floral musk has ylang absolute, jasmine sambac absolute, tuberose absolute, blood orange, bergamot, ginger, vanilla, a tiny touch of coconut, Mysore sandalwood, cedar, oakmoss, musk. It was meant to come out in summer but I’ll release it whenever it is done.

      1. “wolf whistles” ! (i love that ylang ab….had it in my hand not 2 minutes ago) i bet it’s the coconut that puts it over the top!

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