Busy Week Ahead

This Wednesday I will be kicked out of the studio while a contractor replaces a couple closet doors for me and repairs the bathroom pocket door. I’ll take my computer over to my parents’ house for the day and try to get some paperwork done, but I will fall a day behind in orders, especially because I need to partially empty the closet shelves before the work and then put the stuff back afterwards (an opportunity for reorganization). The current doors don’t give me full access to the inside of this deep closet and I need all the storage space I can get, so this will be a big help to fix. And the pocket door doesn’t slide right on its track and needs repair.

I want to get the studio organized to the point where I can have some open studio hours, so I’m trying to work on these tasks a little at a time. The workroom will need to double as a scent testing area, with a group of fragrance testers available. The porch could be a nice spot to sit and sniff too, looking out on the garden. Anyway, this is one step in the process but it’ll slow me down a bit this week.

I worked on the musk-free tabac option yesterday. I cut back a few things to reduce sweetness and added a dry orris note. I’m testing it today, and it’s getting that dry, dusty amber nuance going in the base but still with a bit of the sweet boozy part and the spices and plenty of tabac — it’s getting better balanced, I think. This is an interesting exercise to remove the musks and make it work.

I hope to get back to gardenia this afternoon. I have a new item I want to try in it. I’m off to a morning appointment and will be back around noon…

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