Busy, busy…

I’ve been busy keeping up with orders and haven’t been able to work on the new scents lately.  I’ll have a post soon, hopefully tomorrow eve, on labdanum and how it relates to amber accords and my decisions on Ambre Noir.

Was filtering a new batch of Jour Ensoleille this morning and enjoying the scent of orange blossom and neroli.  Wish I could think of a way to use these filters when I’m done.  Seems a shame to throw them out; they might work to scent potpourri, but I’m not sure.  I use fine grain lab filters (the holes in coffee filters are way too big) and after filtering a batch I toss out the filter, but it sure does smell good.  🙂 

FYI for Bay Area folks, the author of the new book What the Nose Knows, Avery Gilbert, will be at the Borders Bookstore on Union Square in San Francisco on July 23 at 7 pm to discuss the book and sign copies.

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