buried in bottles

The stronger antenna did come in and the satellite internet company is supposed to call Monday to set up an installation. Not holding my breath, but hoping this will work out after all. Would be such a help not to have web pages constantly timing out on me.

Am going to go back to the rose scents this weekend. I’d put them down for a week to work on other things.

I need to organize my ever expanding ingredient collection again. I keep everything inside where the temperature is consistent in a big built-in alder cabinet all along one wall of the work room (all bottles are in the dark behind solid wood doors). I’m running out of space (so many bottles!) and need to move the files out of a couple shelves so the whole thing will be bottles. I have kitchen cabinet style shelf steps on each shelf so I can make use of the full depth and still see the bottles in back. I keep all the naturals in one area of the cabinet and synths in another. I try to organize by type (woodsy things together, florals together etc), but also by bottle size and company. I have the main bottle storage area in the cabinet and then also my working organ with small bottles of all the things I use regularly when working on new blends. With so many ingredients, it’s a huge organizational challenge. I’m an organized sort of person, but the rate of incoming stuff has gotten ahead of me, lol. Must do some re-org.

There was a nice review of SSS and the scent Opal recently on the blog Noteworthy Fragrances:




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  1. I know! What I don’t like though is spending 15 minutes looking for a bottle I know I have and just used a couple days before. I memorize where most things are, but it’s getting out of hand. Just need to re-org a bit but never have time. Will get to it eventually.

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