Boxes on the way!

My edp boxes shipped today, so that’s exciting.  I sure hope they look good, but I’ll have to wait in suspense until later next week to see them.  I’m anxious to see how the colors turned out.

I’m still covered in dabs of various scents throughout the day to test the things I’m working on.  It gets hard to find more space on my arms.  I test various versions of one scent on different spots.  Scent strips can help me when I first start on a scent, but when making the final adjustments I find I really need to put it on my skin.  I just operate better that way, though it may make the job take longer. 

I’ll put the new Wood Violet on the site this weekend and send out a newsletter to announce it and Vintage Rose.  Next week we’ll give away some samples.  Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

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