Boxed gift set option added to the site…

I added the boxed gift set option to the Gifts page in case some people want to wrap gifts for the holidays. Optional cards are also available to send with the gift. It’ll be a couple more days before I receive the larger Priority Mail boxes to ship these, but most people won’t be in a rush yet to shop for holiday gifts so that shouldn’t be a problem.

Lots of packages are shipping out tomorrow, and then I’ll get back to ET! We’re having a cold snap with frost expected tonight.

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  1. Hi Ann,

    Thanks! I love the white bows in the first photo because all you have to do is pull some strings and they magically fluff up perfectly, lol. Much easier than tying bows by hand, but I thought the grosgrain was a nice option too.

    My Dad picked up a few large Priority Mail shipping boxes at the PO today to hold me until my shipment comes, so I’m all set. Can’t believe it’s almost Thanksgiving!

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