Bottles are here!

We picked up the new 1 oz bottles today and they seem to have made the long overseas trip just fine. I’m pleased and relieved. Now I need to set up and test the little hand-operated machine for putting on the spray pumps. I’m modifying the label shape just a little to make them smaller and square because that seems to be a nice proportion on them. I’ll eventually take a picture to post after I fill, cap, and label one of them.

I’m also looking at various options for 2 ml spray samples because I get a lot of requests for those. I’d like to keep the current small glass dauber vials, but I’d like to add a sample set option with the sprays. I found some that spray pretty well and are easy to assemble, but they are plastic. I’ll be getting samples of some in glass as well. These plastic samples I just received spray much better than the others I’ve tested though — a fine spray rather than big droplets. I like them. People would need to use up the samples though and not use them for long-term storage since plastic isn’t good over long time periods. I’ll see if the glass version sprays as well when I get those samples.

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