Body Silk Lotion

The new malibu tubes came today (shown above) and I think they’ll work out well. For now, the lotion will just come in Velvet Rose, Lavender Absolute, Femme Jolie, and Opal. I should have it on the site in about a week, sometime during the first week of October.

I haven’t had time to do much blending the last few days. I had to test the scents in the new lotion formula to make sure all was well. I’ll get back to the new scents this weekend.

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  1. Those looks amazing! Will the contents be similar to the jars? I have the Velvet Rose body cream and it is gorgeous and very hydrating.

    It’s starting to get cool and fall-like here in New England, so I need to think about body moisturizers again. I love my Femme Jolie perfume and plan to get the lotion too.

    Also, would Opal be a good neutral to layer under various fragrances?


    Ann C.

  2. Hi Ann,

    Glad you like the packaging! I love the tubes that stand on their heads and have been wanting to try this change.

    The Velvet Rose scent will be identical in formula and smells the same. The texture of the lotion is less thick than the cream so that it is squeezable, but it’s still quite moisturizing. It has about the same level of natural oils (mostly grapeseed and avocado) but less shea butter to make it less thick. The thicker cream in jars works well for very dry skin and I may offer it too when the weather cools more, but I think this medium weight Body Silk lotion might be a good all-purpose choice for me to offer because it’s not quite as heavy but still has a nice level of natural oils and does a lot more than lotions that are thin and watery. I’m open to feedback as people start to test it, and I’ll offer little samples on the site so people can try it first and see how they like the texture.

    Opal would work for layering the way a vanilla musk scent would work; it’d add a sweet underlayer that you could try with less sweet scents when they need some softening, and it might help extend longevity. I’ve had people tell me they layer it with woodsy things to add a soft touch.

    Thanks for stopping by! It is the time of year to think about lotion again for sure! The days are still warm here but evenings are cooler and daylight hours are getting so much shorter. October is beautiful. 🙂

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