Body creams and more scent testing

I’m working on the body lotion so I can get it back on the site for fall. I’m changing the formula to be slightly lighter and will offer it in squeezable Malibu tubes (the kind that stand on their heads so the cream accumulates down near the hole and is easy to squeeze out). The advantage is that they are not as messy as jars since you don’t have to dip your fingers in. I’ll try it for a while and see how people like them. I think I figured out a nice way to label them.

I’ve only had a little feedback on gardenia, but I’ve tested it more myself now and still need to work on it. I like the jasmine notes in it but they don’t stay strong enough long enough to carry the end. People didn’t think it has gone too sweet or woody, so that’s helpful to know because it means I can strengthen the sandalwood and possibly put some musk back in to help add longevity. I’m trying more tuberose too and may soften some other parts of the floral blend.

I think I will stop worrying about how to make the gardenia part last longer because what I really want is a soft floral blend of jasmine, gardenia, tuberose, and orange blossom; it may be better to take the focus off the gardenia in the name and let it be a gentle floral blend as I’d envisioned it to be. Many scents that are called gardenia don’t really smell like gardenia for very long since the notes that distinguish gardenia are not as long-lasting. The fleeting nature of gardenia topnotes is part of the reason traditional gardenia scents are often heavy on heliotrope and vanilla even though that’s not the way the flower actually smells (the flower does have creamy lactonic aspects and some vanilla too but not in the exagerated way those aspects are sometimes portrayed).

I took time out today to get a gift for my younger niece’s birthday coming up. Was nice to get out today. It’s still hot here but the days are getting shorter and reminding us that fall is coming.

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