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Today we made a list of all the entrants in the drawing and assigned numbers 1-49 to the 49 entrants. Then I had generate a list of numbers from 1-49 in random order.

The winning numbers (the top of the randomly generated list) were 32, 27, and 9. Those numbers correspond to Laura, Tiara, and CM.

The three of you can send me am email at with your sample choices and your address. Feel free to ask questions if you need help deciding on samples. You can pick any four 1 ml samples or if you prefer, I’ll send a 3 ml mini spray of one of the all-natural scents and a 1 ml sample of the other. If you’re new to my line, the 1 ml samples make the most sense. Laura, since you are sensitive to synthetics we might want to talk about the best choices for you (Cocoa Sandalwood and Spiced Citrus Vetiver are all natural, and Incense Pure and some others are the next highest in naturals).

Thanks so much for taking part! And congrats to the winners!

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