Blog Drawing Closed

I’ll take the last entries that came in today for the offering of 34 ml orginal style bottles at $55 and will close the draw. If each person takes one 34 ml bottle, all 30 available bottles are taken as follows:

Ines- IP
Dionne- IP
Kjanicki- WW
Stacey- WW
Ann S- RM
Kim P- TA (or WW or IP)
Kathie- IP
Rita Ritter- TA
Tania- TA
Beth- RM
Debby- WW
Janice- TA
Sheryl- IP
Julie- WW
Katie- IP
Malsnano86- TA
Divinemama- WW
Charlotte- IP
Tsetse- TA
Dan- IP
Ross M- TA
Gary Taylor- TA
Tara- WW
Anne- TA
Laura C- IP
Ola- TA
Monica IP
Petra IP
Bellatrix TA
Kristen TA

I’ll also offer four of the new style at the $55 price and would like to offer those to the first four people who posted and that want a second. So if Ines, Dionne, Kjanicki, or Stacey want a second bottle just let me know here or via email to I’ll keep working down the list until the four new style are taken (it’s fine if you just want one bottle though!).

! l’ll finalize this over the next few days and will then give a link for ordering. Thanks for joining in!

Adding: We’ll take 5-6 orders at a time and work our way down the list. The first 6 can email me and I’ll send you a link to order. Thanks!

Also adding that it’s fine if anyone wants to do a sample order first to make decisions. We’ll hold your 34 ml bottle for you until you decide.

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  1. Yay! Oh yes, count me in for a second bottle, thank you very much.

    I must admit that I did a comparison yesterday of Winter Woods on one arm and Incense Pure on the other, and waffled back and forth ALL DAY about which one I like better, sometimes second-guessing the pick I made in the comments.

    And I’m glad to see that everyone who commented had the chance to get a bottle. Congrats, all!

  2. Thank you so much !

    I also forgot to take a sample of Winter Woods last time, so I will add a couple of things to my order of Tabac Aurea !

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