Back up to speed

My internet connection is back up to speed again; my ISP had a problem that they fixed on their end.  Glad to be off dial-up! 

Had a few hours Sunday to work on Lieu de Reves and made some progress.  I increased the orris and added some soft floral notes that are interesting in it; I’m testing that result against the first version.

I’ve not worn Encens Tranquille in a while because it’s been so warm, but I wore it today to test a new batch for consistency.  I really enjoyed it and that’s fun when I wear one of my own that I’ve not worn in a while and remember why I like it.  🙂   I love real incense notes, real frankincense and myrrh essential oils, especially with dry woods and labdanum.

I  need to get back to Gardenia Musk.  I have a running list I keep for the things I want to try next in each scent under development.  The next thing up for gardenia is to try to add even a bit more oomph to the floral notes and experiment with the ultra subtle peach note to see if it might be nice a touch stronger.

Everyone has heard the news by now that Donna Karan has brought back Chaos and some others.  I think that’s great, especially since they obviously listened to the many requests to bring back Chaos.  It’s nice that public demand in this case brought about a happy re-issue.

Continuing my bad luck recently with computers, my website email has been down for about 6 hours now.  If you’re trying to reach me via the info@ email it may take a bit longer before I get it.  If my web host doesn’t fix it by morning I’ll post my personal email here so you can reach me.  Many of you already have that and are welcome to use it.

Edited to add: the website email is ok again now, 10 pm CA time.  I’ll catch up on emails tomorrow.  Working on some orders now…

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