Back to work

Had my appointment yesterday and everything is going fine. Won’t be completely healed for a couple weeks, but all looks good and I’m getting back to some blending and website work.

We’ll be switching to jars for the shea cream since it is just thick enough to make it a little hard to squeeze from the bottles.  I have some pumps on order to try too, but the jars should be nice. Posted a new pic on the Body Shop page.

Going back to work on the new blends and also updating a few scents before putting them back on the website (Gardenia Musk for one).  Will post more updates as I go.

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  1. Glad to hear all is going well.

    Gardenia, sounds so nice for spring. I miss the gardenia plant that my parents used to have.

    That new intense smoky Fireside sounds fun, too. I bet Marlen from would be quite interested. I like the original Fireside,too.

  2. I need to try growing gardenia sometime!

    I’ve had a couple testers try the new Fireside Intense; some folks prefer the old and some the new depending on whether they like stronger smoke and leather notes. I’m still testing it myself but am liking the extra smoke for a fun option.

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