Back to white florals — progress!

I went back to Bouquet Blanche today and made the changes I’ve had in mind for weeks. It went well and should be close to ready for testing. I’ll wear it tomorrow again to see. I have a few other tweaks I could try, but it’s smelling very nice to me this evening. My challenge has been to make the base interesting enough to carry on after the first few hours as the florals soften, but yet make the base light enough to let the florals shine during those first few hours. I think I’m getting that balance now. I’m also concerned about sweetness level but think it may be just in bounds. Another goal was to minimize musk and I’ve done that here (just a soft touch of cosmone musk). I hope to also do a traditional gardenia musk scent for summer, but that’s not what this will be.

I’m going to wait to send out more ET testers because I may have BB testers soon to go with the ET.

I’m also testing some new ingredient samples and that’s one of the most fun aspects of this work. It’s always exciting to think about what new things they’ll let me do.

It’s been raining all day today. My plum tree is just opening buds and I hope they don’t all get washed away…

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  1. I am enjoying both Tabac Aurea and Rose Musc today.

    My boyfriend has always clamied he doesn’t like perfume, but I persuaded him to wear some TA and he likes it. Thanks again for your wonderful perfumes!

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