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We just got home today after evacuating the fires a bit over a week ago. I’m very thankful that our homes are fine and very grateful that my brother and SIL were able to take us all in (it was nice to spend time with family). It’s been a stressful week worrying about our houses, but it ended well for us.

My heart aches for all the people who were not so lucky. It’s going to take a lot of time for people and the community to recover. Air quality was horrible outside when we got here this afternoon (we needed our breathing masks), but the smoke cleared out later and the air is good tonight. I think the smoke will vary depending on the winds, and masks will just be part of life for a while when going outside. Tomorrow night’s predicted light rain might help a lot.

SSS will remain closed for a bit. I still want to try to release at least one of the two new scents before year’s end. I lost 12 days of work to the fire crisis, so that will delay the reopening. That is minor compared to potential loss of life or home though.

I’m just so very thankful to be back tonight and find everything in good shape. Thanks again so much for keeping us in your thoughts. <3

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  1. Thank you for updating us. I feel great relief that it has ended well for you, dear L., and great sadness that so many will be continuing to cope with rebuilding lives for some considerable time, and with such a sense of trauma and loss. My heart goes out to you and your family and all the good people there.

  2. Oh thank goodness your sweet cottage did not burn! And that your parent’s home is good too. It will be hard for everyone to get back to “normal”. I feel sad when I hear about places that I’ve been that are no longer. So many people are hurting—it is so terrible. Good that you had family time and that all is well with you. Hugs your way!

  3. I’m so relieved for you, terribly saddened by what c. California has gone through, but very heartened by your return home. Nothing will ever be the same, but in my own community I’ve seen strength and resiliency and new vision and community post-burn. I’m hopeful that after some rest and reflection you will be able to continue working on the new scent and bring to us some beauty.

  4. So glad you are home safe and your cottage is intact. Be careful, use your masks and know that we are patiently waiting for your new scent and for the reopening. Take your time and take care!

  5. Yes, so glad to hear your business was spared. And, yes, it is such a tragedy what has happened to others. Will definitely look forward to your reopening.

  6. SO happy to hear you got through this with minimal physical damage to you/your property. It’s been scary and heart-breaking to follow the news of loss of life and property and hideous interruptions in people’s lives. Looking forward to your reopening–I have so much admiration for you and your work. Best wishes to you and everyone affected by the fires.

  7. Thanks so much for your sweet messages! It’s really good to be home and getting back to work. The air has been quite good since last Thursday’s rain, not quite normal but no need for masks and very little smoke. We saw the buck and the fawn, but not the doe yet; I’m hoping she is safe too. I left my lab air purifiers running inside the cottage the whole time I was gone, and they did a great job of preventing the inside air from getting smoky. So I’m back to work, and very thankful.

    1. Love to you from Petaluma. We had terrible air, but no need to evacuate. I’m sorry you had to leave your home, but so glad you, your family, & your home are fine. I’m heartbroken for those who weren’t so lucky. We’ll all be looking forward to your reopening!

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