Baby Goats, and Update

Hi! I’ve been working hard to catch up on so many things but wanted to check in and share some cute pictures.

The barn where my niece takes riding lessons has had several batches of baby goats this summer. Thought I’d post a few pics, but I promise no more baby animals, lol — this is it for the summer. They had a big year between the donkey and several litters of goats.

They are Nigerian dwarf goats and are very friendly. They can be used for milk and apparently make good pets. The babies scamper all over their pen and love to climb on anything, including the backs of their mothers.

I’m working on the new scents and on several organizing projects at the studio (I made a successful trip to the Container Store yesterday, though it was swamped with college students outfitting their dorm rooms). I received a shipment of naturals from France, including some yummy tuberose, neroli, and mimosa. Also got a galbanum absolute that should last longer than the EO on skin and smells different than the resin I have. I’m really looking forward to playing with them. I’m also just starting to plan for the shea cream for fall. Lots to think about!

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  1. These pics made me smile.. thank you for that. I love your perfumes Laurie. I’m yearning to buy some LdR for this beautiful fall were already starting to have here. Hopefully someday soon.
    Looking forward to everything your going to come up with.
    How’s the PC coming along?
    I’m patiently waiting for that and my beloved Opal.
    Two other scents I’d love to have as well, perfect for winter’s chill…..
    Take care dearest!


    1. hi Tamara! They made me smile too, watching them play.

      I feel that hint of fall approaching in the air too, though I’m not ready for it. I drag my feet every year as summer ends. The vintage inspired is coming along. I want to try this new galbanum in it, in place of the galbanum resin I’ve been using, to see if it makes a difference. I’ve been working on Opal the last few days though; I’m trying to work up a couple different options before sending any testers out for opinions.

      You take care too! Hope things are going well. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  2. Hey, no need to apologize for baby animal pics–they are adorable. I always joke that we should get a goat or two so we wouldn’t have to mow the lawn. Unfortunately, this summer they wouldn’t have had much to eat with the terrible drought here in Texas. At least one forecast I saw was predicting “fall” weather for us in about a week. That’s right, we might get a day or two that it fails to break 90 degrees! We haven’t had a daily high below 90 since May, so I hope the forecast is right.

    I am looking forward to testing your new scents, especially the vintage inspired one. It sounds like it will be great for fall, whenever it actually gets here.

    1. Each spring when we have to cut the grass down around the house (for fire danger) we dream about having some goats do the job too! The weather seems to have been weird this summer in many places — you’ve been extra hot, and we’ve been extra cool. Hope you get a nice long mild fall. 🙂

  3. Another one who never gets tired of baby animal pictures here! That promise is more of a threat, so please – don’t make such promises. 😉

    – 50 Roses: NJ would love to channel some of our extra hurricane waters your way!


    1. Hi Ann! Well, I figured the fawn, donkey, and goats were enough for one summer, lol. It’s been fun though. The deer family still comes through almost daily in the evening. The fawns still have spots, but much lighter. We have our fox family back again this year too, but the wild turkeys have been scarce lately.

      Sure hope you did ok in the storm! How are you? I was thinking about so many friends on the east coast this weekend and hoping they’d be safe.

      1. Thanks for asking. We didn’t fare too badly – Our block was spared from power outage so that even though we had normal basement flooding, it was under control. Areas right on the water and to the north of us weren’t so lucky though. Several large fallen tree branches did destroy most of my vegetable garden. Luckily I harvested before the storm arrived. HUGE bucket of tomatoes….

        Can’t wait to see what you do with some of these new naturals, btw.

      2. So glad it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. Scary to go through. Yay on the tomatoes! 🙂 The tuberose is gorgeous — can’t wait to use it. And the mimosa is a special more floral one, very pretty.

  4. I love goats too, and these babies are adorable. The park district uses goats to clear brush in the big regional parks near where I live. They bring in largish herds, pen them in portable electric fences, and move them along as one area is cleared to the next. A shepherd and a couple of border collies to keep everything in order. So fun to see them all – every color combination imaginable with those distinctive curious eyes.

    I’m guessing we all look forward to hearing much more about how the new “smell goods” get put to use.


    1. Hi Suzanne,

      Sounds like a great program the parks service runs near you! Goats would be much more fun to have around than weed whackers! 🙂 I had a border collie years ago so I have fond associations with them too.

      I need to do something special with this tuberose.

      1. Yummmm, special tuberose. I’m already liking it….

        Goats on their own are cool, but compared to weed whackers, they are HEAVENLY!

  5. Pictures are wonderful, so if you happen to have more please share.
    Mimosa!!! I love that scent. Don’t remember that note in any of your perfumes. Is it for a new one?

    1. Hi Undina! I have had some mimosa absolute that I have not used in anything yet, but it’s the traditional kind. It’s a rock-hard solid at room temperature and the scent has floral, woody, and spicy aspects. It’s made from the flowers and also some of the twigs. The new one I just got is made only from the flowers with no twigs allowed, and it is much more floral. It is also not solid, though it is extremely thick. It is a long-lasting soft spicy floral note and I think it will find its way into several of my new perfumes. I have a few specific ideas for it too. Glad you enjoyed the pics!

  6. Laurie…I love your goat pictures..they are adorable! I’m glad to see that other people enjoy the pictures as much as I do. I’m looking forward to your new fragrances and greatly enjoy the scents I already have.



    1. Hi Cathy, thanks! 🙂 Glad you’re enjoying the blog and scents. Can’t wait to finish one of these formulas in progress. Sending good wishes your way too!

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