Autumn’s beauty

I snuck out for a couple hours today to go to Preston winery, which has been a longtime family favorite because of the beautiful scenery, very nice wines, and wonderful organic gardens on site. Preston sells organic olive oil made from their own crop as well as produce that varies with the season. Today’s bounty included organic squash, walnuts, pumpkins, chard, pomegranates, and persimmon. They also sell fresh sourdough bread that they bake in their custom brick oven. The winery is in Dry Creek Valley with the coastal hills in the distance, and it’s an enchanting spot. On this gorgeous 78 degree day, the low angle autumn sunlight illuminated the golden foliage of the vineyards that cover the rolling hills — one of my treasured fall sights. When my young nieces visit, they love to play with the friendly Preston cats and watch the chickens.

I didn’t get to work on the blends this weekend (spent the weekend doing orders so I’d be able to spare a couple hours to get out today), but I did wear the two take-offs of Wood Violet and decided they’re ready for some tester input. One is much like the original but with a very subtle plum note instead of a strongly featured plum note; I’ll be curious if some people prefer this. The other is quite different, a cedary woods scent with just a soft violet note (cedar, sandal, patch, vetiver, ambergris, violet, plum, rose, cinnamon, clove, musk). It is non-linear, changing a lot as it goes, and I think this one has a lot of potential.

I may take a short break from gardenia and get back to Reves after I catch up on orders again. But it was nice to play hookey today. 🙂

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