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I’ve been working on a summer scent that I had to put on hold a year ago after spending months on it, and I’m very pleased with how it is coming along. I want it to be a more natural take on a beachy summer floral, and I think I’m getting there. Almost time to send out a few testers. So far it’s about 95% natural, but I will let it be whatever it needs to be in order to work best.

You might remember that I used to be carried by the niche perfume boutique Sundhaft in Germany. Sadly, they have closed, partly because of the upcoming new EU regulations that go into effect in July. Andy Tauer just posted today about this issue, and he gave a link to the full pdf of the new regulations so that you can have a look if you are curious. Basically, it is becoming more difficult to be a small perfumer in the EU. It is also very hard to do business with the EU if you are an artisan perfumer elsewhere. I wonder what will happen as this goes into effect. I can’t answer detailed questions about the law at this time because it is so long and complex that I have not had time to try to understand it all, but we will have to see what unfolds this summer. On a happier note, Andy also mentions he was just in Forbes Romania (a really nice feature story).

And I wanted to say thanks to nancyknowsbest at the blog “Make Perfume, Not War” for the review of Wood Violet today. I loved your story.

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  1. So glad you enjoyed the post! I have been contemplating the EU regulations for months and wondering what the economic angle is (because there always is one). I cannot think of another instance where an art form was so successfully regulated as to cripple it.

  2. That is so incredibly frustrating. These kinds of regulations assume a one-size-fits-all mentality! Kind of like US food regulations that make it so difficult to be a small farm who can’t afford to have regulators and inspectors on the payroll like a huge corporation!

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