Another Thursday

I received a shipment today that has something I need for Jour Ensoleille, so I’ll be able to make testers as soon as I have the first mod. I worked on Encens Tranquille more, cutting back a bit on the moss and adding orris to the heart and a bit of elemi to the top. I’m working up two versions to get opinions: one version closer to the original and one a bit gentler with more emphasis on sandalwood in the drydown.

I’m winding down on the large paperwork project I’ve been working on so I want to get a couple of these reformulations done, if possible, before I put the cart up. I’ll see how it goes over the next week.

I’m trying small amounts of two sandalwood album oils, the album as opposed to Australian or New Caledonian sandalwood. One is from India and one from Sri Lanka. I like sandal album best and hope we’ll have more sources in the future as renewable resources are developed — it’s so beautiful.

We’ve been having very hot, windy weather here and that means the fire danger is high. Always a worry here in CA in late summer. My brother and family are heading to Lake Tahoe for a week’s vacation before the school year begins again. Hard to believe it’s almost back to school time…

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