Another Rainy Weekend Update

It’s June but still raining, pouring actually, in northern California. By Tuesday it is supposed to clear up and I’m so looking forward to the sun!

I’m still having computer issues, and that has been taking way too much time. I went ahead and ordered the new machine (can’t wait!) but it won’t come until about the 20th so I have to hang in there until then. I think I need do a clean reinstall on this machine but am trying to wait until the new one comes before tackling that chore.

I’m collecting feedback from testers so far on the summer scent. Overall it’s going well. Some have found it strongly floral while others want more floral, but I think the latter reaction is from the amber being a bit strong; if I soften the amber the florals will read better. I’d then need to nudge up the sandalwood for longevity, but I don’t think that will block people’s perception of the florals as much as the synth ambers. Several people would like to see a bit more oomph; increasing concentration will help, but I’ll see what else I can do. It’s already heading in the warm floral oriental direction because of the amber and woods in the base, and I want to keep it from going so far that direction that it’s not summery. On the other hand I don’t want to boost longevity with anything that smells too synthetic. I have some ideas to try. This version did work well for quite a few people, so I want to keep the good aspects and just try a few tweaks. That’s the way I like to do this, to keep experimenting with the basic formula to optimize it if I can.

My graphics artist had to leave town for a month and the box project isn’t done yet, so I found a local graphics artist to work with. Can’t wait to finish.

I thought this was the cutest photo and have to share this link to an article about a critter called hyrax. Natural perfumers are always looking for cruelty free animalic notes so they invented the use of Africa stone, which is explained in this article. The hyrax seems to be smiling; maybe he thinks we’re funny. I hope the collections don’t annoy them by disrupting their housekeeping. I’ve not used Africa stone before, but I’ve smelled it and it has animalic and leather notes to me.

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  1. I was a little surprised at how far it had gotten into floral-oriental territory, as I was expecting (and would adore, honestly) more florals.

    It’s good. It’s very good. It did remind me just a tad of Jour Ensoleille, in that it was warmer and sweeter than I had thought it would smell. Pretty, though.

    1. Thanks mals. I’m just adding a little more orange blossom note and softening the amber. I’m trying a couple greenish or watery notes to lighten it. It’s hard for me to do fresh notes because I dislike anything ozonic, but I really want a little more lightness here. I do have more oomph now, but the drydown is still a bit on the warm side for summer. I like it though, lol. Maybe it’s a warm summer evening scent rather than a day scent. Will see… I think it just took a move in the right direction in yesterday’s mod.

  2. I enjoy reading about the development of the scent, both from tester’s perspective and from Laurie’s in return. Hope to see more. Laurie – it must be hard to keep the focus on “summer” in this fragrance’s development….. sure hasn’t felt like summer so far in our part of the world.

    1. Thanks Suzanne! No kidding! It’s been really hard to test this as a summer scent when all we’ve had is rain and gray skies for several weeks now. Yesterday was the first sun we’ve seen in ages. It was so nice. I’m hoping for some summery testing weather soon.

      Meantime, I amped up the florals a bit more, softened the amber, increased sandal just a tad, and added a little more of a fresh note. I’m pleased that the base is still working well as I increase the florals. I hope to have the next tester formula done soon.

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