Another rainy Sunday

It’s been pouring today and not feeling like spring at all, but I had a productive weekend working on taxes and filling orders. We also had some relatives from Sweden visit and it was fun to see them. I bet those who went to the sniffa in NY had a great time. Tomorrow I’m going to set up the cap press for the new bottles and see if it works for me. I’ve been trying some tweaks to the label design for the new bottles too.

I’ll get back to BB this week. I’ve not sent out any new BB testers recently — I’ve been working to finish the base and I’m not there yet. I also returned to a sandalwood musk that I’d put on hold a few months ago. I tweaked the formula a bit more and it seems to be nearly ready for testing. I thought it might help me think about the BB base to get out the sandal musk now.

In case you missed it, there was an interesting interview with Bertrand Duchaufour on the Grain de Musc blog a few days ago.  I look forward to trying his new tuberose scent for L’Artisan.  He commented that recently working as an independent perfumer rather than for a big lab has brought him closer to his materials and is contributing to a change in his style.  I recall another perfumer saying the same thing about becoming closer to the ingredients and will have to try to find that reference. Duchaufour has created a string of innovative wonderful scents and the interview gives a peek at his process.

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