Already Friday again!

I’ve been really busy keeping up with some large orders this week and haven’t had time to post or work on the new scents. Hope to catch my breath this weekend — can’t believe it’s Friday already.

I’m realizing more and more how individualized our scent experience is, and how differently people experience the same scent. I want to post about this topic in a few days. It’d be fun to be able to tweak my scents for individual people when they find they want a little more or less of this or that (and usually for every person who wants a note more pronounced there’s another who wants it more subdued, reinforcing the allure of custom scenting).

I tried my Amouage Lyric samples (men and women) and though they are nice they didn’t call out to me. Also tried L’Artisan’s Fleur de Narcisse and liked it very much; I smell delicate floral notes with hay, tabac, and soft greens. It’s a subtle and very pretty blend. The iris comes out a lot to me with even a hint of violet, but that’s because iris and violet notes are both built with ionones and there’s a lot of cross-over.

We’re between rain storms today and tomorrow; hope to poke my head out tomorrow and get outside at least a little bit. I did catch Obama’s acceptance speech Tuesday night and am glad to see the hope this historic election has brought to many people.

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  1. Hi Laurie!
    Hope you had a great, restful weekend! I’m hoping we’ll get some of that rain around mid-week or so, we’re certainly in need of it again.

    I’d be very interested in a post like you’re describing. It’s fun to see the differing reactions people have to the same scents.

    Have a lovely week 🙂

  2. Hi Gail! Was thinking about you yesterday because I need to get back to Reves! Yes, I did catch my breath this weekend and that helped. I’m very behind on paperwork, so I did a bit of that and a few orders and some work on Gardenia Musk.

    I’m starting to write that post; I’ve been thinking about this topic a lot lately, between seeing different reactions of testers as I work on scents and different reactions to the musk ingredients in the traveling musk package. I really think the differences go beyond preferences alone and to the way we perceive smells (though that perception may happen partly in the nose, partly in the brain, and partly in the conversion of perception to language in order to describe the smell to others). Whatever the cause of the differences, it makes me want to do more custom scent work next year.

    Hope you get your rain!

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